Nature, human and happiness

– guiding you to it


  • Kayaking

  • Longboat Equité

  • Mind & Nature

  • Survival skills

  • Recreational day


Courses & Events

  • Survival skills, April

  • Bird safari, May

  • Kayaking, June

  • Kayaking July


Greenland paddles

  • Get your own high quality, custom made greenland paddle!


Looking for outdoor activities?

Keen on discovering Finlands nature and archipelago?

Arranging recreational activities for your workplace?

Welcome to Outside Kallan!

We offer a wide variety of activities to choose from in Jakobstad and around.

Kayaking, boat tours, survival skills, bushcraft, hiking and more.

Or to put it short: Stress relief, presence and experiences!

Experiences with  Outside Kallan



Outside Kallan is located in Old harbour, Jakobstad

Adress: Gamla Hamnvägen 31, Jakobstad, Finland

Call Johan: +358 50 409 3085

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